Mr. "A" since his 80 lb. weight loss!

Felix Alvarado, Jr., his older brother and younger sister are first-generation college graduates. All 3 siblings graduated Valedictorian of their respective high-school classes. Son of a Mexican immigrant and an American mother, Felix is bi-lingual, having studied in Spain as part of his college education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. With over 34 years as a professional educator, Mr. Alvarado has dedicated his career to working directly with children. Whether in the classroom or through one of his innovative initiatives, Mr. "A" has always endeavored to bring the best instruction, both in the classroom and through creative outside-of-school opportunities, to the most children possible, even when the children's families cannot afford the training.

Here are just a few of the the outside-the-box-thinking programs that Mr. Alvarado has conceived: 

- Teacher/Student designed and led overseas experiences on 4 continents

- Student volunteer tutoring program for the children of low-income housing

- Launching an athletics program for a school that had no sports (also coaching the boys  basketball and girls volleyball teams)

- Boutique private high school for individualized instruction and training

- Tutoring support for low-income athletes

- Whole-school SAT Test Preparation (still under development)

- Private tutoring center

And he has done it all while raising 5 children of his own (now all adults).

He has received endorsements (by virtue of these people sending their children to him for training) from Commissioner of Education, Superintendents of Schools, Head of Guidance Departments, and other teachers. He has served as an education consultant for gubernatorial campaigns and for average, every-day parents. Despite all of the accolades he has received, what Mr. "A" has always valued most as an educator is his connection with his students. They have given the highest rating in online rate-my-teacher sites, because they know he truly cares about them. In fact, it was his students who affectionately gave him his two monikers:  don Felix  and  Mr. "A". Due to his dedication to his profession and to his students, over the past decade, Mr. "A" has become known as the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England and one of America's most beloved teachers.

"Education is more an art than a science. Each child is either a masterpiece in the making or a mere outline of what might have been."     Felix Alvarado, Jr. (Mr. "A")