FOUNDING MEMBERS:  Felix Alvarado, Judee Alvarado, Alexander Anagnost, Amy Higley, David Alvarado


Straight "A" Nation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the level of education across each and every community. 

In order to do so, we have two primary objectives:

1)   Due to the increasing number of states mandating that all juniors take the SAT for their 11th-grade assessment, it is more important than ever to offer quality training to
college-bound students, especially to those whose families cannot afford extra educational services. SAT scores are the major determining factor by which some students receive scholarships and some do not. Since most students are dependent on scholarships to attend college, SAT Prep training is a must! With your support, we bring a proven Straight “A” Academy initiative called “Immersion PrepⓇ”, which delivers FREE SAT Prep to entire junior classes within their schools.  

2)   Through your support, we bring the highest level of academic support through Straight “A” Academy’s personalized subject tutoring, college coaching, and essay writing help, delivered to underprivileged and refugee students by top-notch instructors. Our programs meet students where they are, in their schools, via online classes and social media. 

Chairman of the Board - Judee Alvarado

Asst. Chairman of the Board - Jonathan Alvarado

Secretary - Aimee Baker

Treasurer - Judith Hauser

Board Member: Amy Higley

Board Member: Michael Leonard

Advisor to the Board: Felix Alvarado, Jr. 

Our Mission

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Straight "A" Nation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization