Why is Mr. "A" the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England?

- 100% of his students improve real SAT/ACT over real SAT/ACT test scores.

- 2/3 of his students improved by more than 200 points on the old SAT and 3+ points ACT.
(too early for accurate data on new SAT)

- Number of students served – more than 3,000 students personally taught and trained.

- 30 years a professional, classroom educator with test prep experience since 1998.

- Curriculum writing and innovation

- Student Rating 


But Don't Take It From Us... Read what Immersion Prep Students and the community have to say about Mr. "A"!

"I absolutely loved it!"

Alyssa Gauvin

"Although the topic of the SAT is quite heavy and not interesting, Straight "A" Academy was able to create an environment that was not only educational but also fun and entertaining."

Briella Hirsch

"This was pretty fun. I wasn't expecting much out of it, but I actually learned stuff and I enjoyed being there, even if it was on Saturday mornings. I really like the YouTube videos with the vocabulary of the day. It's short and fun and an easy way to expand my vocabulary."

Alice Hammond

"It has been pretty helpful, the tips and strategies will be useful. I liked the takeaways that I was able to form, and would not have known by just taking a bunch of practice tests online."
Sarah Gates

"Our son not only received the best education we could have asked for him, Felix also taught him confidence, integrity, and flat out how to feel good about himself and get the most out of his ability. Regardless as to where a student is, Felix will increase their scores and confidence drastically. With the importance of higher education in today’s world, there is no better way to prepare a young person
than with Mr. “A”s Prep/College coaching."
Chris and Joanne Hunt, Parents, Goffstown, NH

"My wife and I could not be happier with the SAT preparation and other programs offered by Straight “A” Academy. It was a great investment in our son’s academic career that paid off well... Our son was accepted at all the colleges where he applied including his two reach schools, which was assisted by his strong SAT performance. We could not be prouder of his results that Felix helped create with him.”
Eric O’Brien, Parent, Bedford, NH

 “As a high school student, one of the most stressful components of the college application 
process is
the SAT. I acquired the suggested textbooks and handouts in order to prepare for the exam but was unable to attain the score I was hoping to receive... I can confidently say that I owe a significant amount of gratitude to Mr. “A” as it is safe to say that my success is largely attributed to my time with him. I would recommend Mr. “A” to any student looking to either improve a previous score or perform to their greatest potential the first time taking the SAT." 

Yanick Baribeau, Student, Bedford, NH

  • All participating students will receive a test prep book 
  • Mr."A"'s SAT/ACT/PSAT test prep curriculum
  • ​Test prep practice questions
  • ​Student Sponsor list

Mr ."A" instructs student during an Immersion Prep event at Pinkerton Academy

  • Produce more first generation college students
  • Inspire students who do not currently believe they are college material to pursue their dreams
  • Help NH students earn more merit scholarship dollars
  • Help college-bound NH students gain entrance into more selective colleges
  • Help NH students who plan on attending trade school or entering the workforce to do well on their junior-year assessment
  • Spread smiles across New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire Department of Education now requires all public school juniors to take the SAT as their junior-year assessment. As much as 40% of these students receive free or reduced lunch. Immersion Prep will...

  • Over 24 hours of live training with Mr. “A” the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England!
    • Fourteen 45-minute sessions - 6 Fall sessions to prep for the SAT & PSAT and 8 Spring sessions to prep for the state-mandated Spring SAT.
    • Fourteen 1 hour sessions - On Saturday mornings during the program, we offer a bonus hour of advanced training.
  • All sessions are streamed live on our YouTube Channel and recorded, available to view at your convenience. 
  • We provide each Immersion Prep Student with his/her own Test Prep Book.
  • Social Media! We immerse our students by actively engaging them outside of school with fun and instructional content.
  • 24/7 training support where students can earn prizes!
  • Classroom teachers receive 120 five-minute bell ringer exercises designed by Mr. "A" (60 math & 60 verbal).
  • "We Go On Tour!" Immersion Prep sessions are conducted at a different host high school each week and broadcast to our other participating high schools.
    • Host high schools get a full production show with entertainment! Learn more here.
  • Interested? Have your school participate or have your school host!

  Immersion Prep truly immerses members with our daily social media support:

  • Straight “A” Snap Tips -  Daily test prep tips from Mr. “A” and his private students.
  • Straight “A” Word of the Day -  Building vocab can be both fun and pedagogically sound! Watch 30 second to 1-minute clips from well-known movies, and learn from the vocabulary used by the characters. Check it out for free on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Straight "A" Quote of the Week - Read weekly quotes on Instagram from notable philosophers like Henry David Thoreau, John Locke, and more.
  • Straight “A” College Coaching -  Get college advice and useful info on test prep, admissions and more directly from Mr. "A". On Instagram and other platforms.
  • 24/7 Access to our Online Training Portal-  All Immersion Prep Members will have entry to our LMS which provides students access to live stream and recordings of our Immersion Prep program, a library test prep videos, and much more!

Straight "A" Nation is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

The Test Prep Book

Straight "A" Nation's David Alvarado gives an inspirational speech about the concept of "The Slight Edge" to Immersion Prep Students.

Immersion Prep: 

School-Wide Junior Class SAT Test Prep Program 

Straight "A" Nation's Immersion Prep Pilot Program returning this Fall! 

Here's how we do it...

 Straight "A" Nation's David Alvarado entertains Immersion Prep Students with his lyrical abilities during an entertainment break.

Dr. Mark Constantian of Nashua, NH provides words of encouragement

for Straight "A" Nation Students